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Posted by on Apr 11, 2014 in Featured, Shopping

Shopping in Malta

No trip is complete without shopping. Travelers purchase souvenirs and other items which reflect the traditions and culture of the destination. Shopping in Malta is a delight for visitors, due to a perfect mix of many traditions deep rooted in the island’s history. Wines, silver, artwork, handicrafts, artifacts and many other objects can be purchased here.

Best places to shop in Malta:

  • The Embassy Complex:
    A judicious combination of cinema complex, entertainment centre and shopping mall is what defines ‘The Embassy Complex. It is located in the capital city of Malta, i.e. Valetta. Due to its sheer size it is considered as one of the biggest commercial complex. You can find a wide range of products like books, magazines, cosmetics, perfumes, beauty products, costume accessories, footwear and many more! Needs of the young and old are addressed alike. You can also watch your favorite movies in the six screens hosted at the multiplex. The environment is completely safe and reliable.
  • RIOT Boutique Café:
    Fashion comes to life at RIOT Boutique Café. This type of shopping mall is the current raging trend in the world. It serves as a one stop shop where fashion is combined with the flavor and becomes lively with foot tapping music. You can get all the famous brands at the RIOT Boutique. Every weekend shoppers can listen to the DJ’s and also some rock and roll bands. Food is excellent with amazing coffee beverages as RIOT Café. A must visit shop for hardcore shoppers.
  • Bay Street:
    This mall serves as a popular landmark at St. Julian’s with a hoard of activities like shopping, clubbing, dining, family activities and many more. The building is a contemporary structure which ideally uses the weather of Malta to its advantage. It has an open street and easily accessible floors. Fashion aficionados are in for a treat, because at Bay Street you can find top 25 international brands and their outlets. You can get everything in the mall. It is place to be if you are looking for some family fun and heavy shopping.
  • The Point Shopping Mall:
    This is one of the most complex and ambitious malls constructed in Malta. Spread over an expanse of 28,000 square meters, The Point Shopping Mall has everything to satiate the needs of a shopaholic! Right from the international brands to dining, you can have a complete shopping experience. The design and ambience is amazing with expansive areas and ample parking space.
  • Arkadia:
    Built on the three major concerns of a shopping destination – Fashion, food and home, Arkadia is one of the leading retailers in Malta. You can find the biggest food selection in the island at Arkadia, with an emphasis on fresh delicacies and products. Other retail sections are furniture, kitchenware, home décor, audio-visuals and many more. It also encompasses the popular brands of the world under its roof. Ensure you carve out some time to visit this colossal shopping destination.
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Posted by on Apr 7, 2014 in Featured, Restaurants

5 Must Go Restaurants in Malta

Cuisine of a particular place depends on the history and the traditions followed by the people’s ancestors.  Maltese food and cooking is an eclectic mix of islanders and invaders who occupied the region. The food is quite rustic with a combination of rich flavors and colors. Some of the restaurants which recreate the magic with a special touch are listed below.

Top Five Restaurants in Malta:

  • Grill 3301:
    The name indicates the specialty of the restaurant. Grill 3301 is a newbie restaurant with a Corinithia portfolio. It was launched in the spring at the St. George’s Bay Hotel with an emphasis on fine Mediterranean living. It has an amazing local and foreign following owing to its services, ambience and food. The meat and fish are fresh and grilled to perfection. You can find a variety of dishes to satisfy your palate. Wines, Pasta, Desserts etc, are some of the areas to be ventured. Another feature of the restaurant is the Terrace Lounge, which is open in the months of May to September. Enjoy the scenic Malta evenings at Grill 3301.
  • The Blue Elephant:
    This restaurant is widely known as one of the premier fine dining restaurants in Malta. Since its inception at Hilton Malta, it has received many awards and honors. The ambience and décor is amazing and has a sense of character in it. The Blue Elephant literally brings to life the nuances of an indoor tropical rainforest. The vegetation, waterfalls and all other minute aspects remind us of a forest dwelling. You can even get your own tropical hut! The Thai food is quite exquisite with a wide assortment of dishes. The service is remarkable and it is advisable to get a reservation. The restaurant effectively presents the traditions of the East with style.
  • The Exiles:
    Location, Décor and Food are the three highlighting features of ‘The Exiles’ Restaurant. The ambience of the restaurant is remarkable and it is located few meters away from the sea. The glass walls give you an unblocked view of the panoramic scenes of the surrounding nature. You can enjoy the view in all the seasons. The dishes are delicious and imaginative. Presentation and service is exemplary in the restaurant. The terrace is the best spots for a romantic evening with your loved ones.
  • The Maltese Summer Folklore Nights, Park & Gardens:
    The culture and tradition of the Maltese is packed with vibrant colors and eclectic history. The Mediterranean lifestyle reflects the enjoyment gained by entertainment, good food and meeting new people. The cuisine of Malta is prepared with utmost care and is always packed with fresh and yummy ingredients. This restaurant is located in one of the most traditional villages in Malta, Siggiewi! All the traditional elements of the Maltese culture are combined to give a staggering effect. The food and service is excellent with amazing ambience. The evening begins with shows in which local troupes, performing acts with foot tapping music. These shows are held in the months of May – October on every Friday!
  • Giuseppi’s Restaurant:
    This restaurant brings back all the memories of home cooking with the décor which is warm and earthly. The ambience of mismatched wooden tables and chairs with a huge space for wine collection, please your eyes. Since its inception Giuseppi’s Restaurant has steadily gathered a loyal following from the locals as well as the tourists. The dishes are creatively made with new ones every now and then. Do check out for the rabbit cooked in chocolate sauce! The atmosphere is sure to woo everyone with their immaculate service and great food.
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