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Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 in Malta

Five things to do in Malta

Bask in the glory of the Mediterranean! 

Malta is an archipelago located in the Mediterranean region. The region is characterized by sea and rocky coastal cliffs. It has been the melting pot of civilizations with rich history stretching back to the prehistoric era. The island is named by Phoenicians as ‘Malat’ which means safe haven! The tourism industry is quite active, owing to its geographical location and scenic beauty.

Top five things to do in Malta: 

  • The Megalith Temples of Malta:
    These prehistoric temples are considered, one of the oldest archeological sites in Europe. The cultural and architectural heritage can be dated back a lot further than the Pyramids of Egypt. The temples stand as a testament for the architectural mastery of the early Maltese builders. You can’t help but wonder how people in the past could meet the challenges in building colossal monuments with little resources. One of the most visited places is the ‘Giant’s dwelling’, which is located in the island of Gozo in the Ggantija complex. It is named so, because of the enormous size of the boulders placed at the temples. The locals believed that giants performed the act of lifting and placing them. The seven temples of Malta were placed in the world heritage list by UNESCO in the year 1980. These temples are a must visit location in your itinerary.
  • The Rotunda of Mosta/ St. Mary’s Church:
    This is one of the famous monuments in Malta. Its fame can be derived from two reasons. Firstly, it boasts of having the largest unsupported dome in the world (3rd Largest). Secondly, during the 2nd World War, the church was bombed when more than 300 people were on mass. The bomb instead of exploding broke through the dome and bounced. The army later took the bomb and diffused it. You can find the replica inside the church!
  • The City of Knights – Valetta:
    If you want to know a detailed account of the history and spirit of Malta, then Valetta is the place to be. It is located in the central east part of the city and it is amazing to note that the entire town has been awarded UNESCO status. Every monument, every street has its own story to tell about the history of the island! Ensure you have the audio guide or real time guide to keep a track of all the important information.
  • Hypogeum:
    The literal translation (Greek) of the term means ‘underground chamber’. It is an underground temple which offers a view into the past and probable intuitions of the future. Bones of over 7000 people have been found in the burial chambers and its age can be calculated to 500 years. This visit is slightly spooky and you need to book in advance because only 80 people are allowed every day into the Hypogeum.
  • Blue Grotto/Azure Window:
    Want to be a part of Homer’s epics, a trip through the Azure window will give you the exact feel. This holiday site is formed by millions of years of soil erosion and it is a delight to the eyes. Regular boat trips are arranged to the travelers from the island. Do book in advance from online forums and enjoy the blue sparkling waters of the Mediterranean.