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Posted by on Jun 29, 2014 in Night life

5 Best Night Life Spots in Malta

The night life in Malta is always bustling with activity. Be it serious clubbing, romantic dinner or wandering around in the lanes and admiring the view of the island, it cannot get any better than this! The night life starts early in Malta, with a wide range of options what to do. Below are some of the happening places on the island.

Top 5 Night Life Spots in Malta:

  • 121 Lounge:
    This is one of the most popular spots where the night comes to life in Malta. 121 Lounge is a disco bar with amazing ambience. The interiors are neo modern with plasma screens, aquariums and impressive décor. The DJ’s play different types of music from Hip Hop, Latin, RnB, Progressive, Retro, Russian, House etc. They also periodically entertain requests from the crowd to keep them entertained. Sound and light systems complement the mood of the casino. The staffs are quite friendly and the drinks, reasonably priced. If you are looking for a good time, 121 Lounge is the place to be!
  • Darlings Club: Easily mistaken for the local Huggins and Friends Pub, Darlings Club is a popular eating and meeting place amongst the tourists and locals alike! The food and drinks are moderately priced, a happy fact for the budget travelers. There are amazing performances from the entertainers with thumping music. This is an invitation you cannot refuse. Spend an exotic evening by pampering yourself in the sophisticated entertainment provided by Darlings Club!
  • Numero Uno:
    How do you feel being a part of the biggest outdoor dance floor in Malta? To know the answer visit the Numero Uno Club situated in midst of Ta Qali’s crafts village. This open air club is surrounded by four large bars around the corners. The arena is huge and breathtaking. The music is impressively played with spectacular sound systems. Since the entire is ‘open air’, the club is open in the extended summer months!
  • Muddy Waters:
    At any specified day of the week, you can find the same frolicking atmosphere at Muddy Waters. It is ideally located in St. Julian’s looming over the Balluta Bay. The ambience of the place reflects the soul of the club. You can get great booze and unfettering thumping music. Many rock bands performed at Muddy Waters and the tradition still continues every Friday.
  • Gianpula:
    With eleven bars, well maintained gardens, swimming pools, champagne huts, VIP areas, restaurants’, parking facilities and state of the art sound systems, Gianpula is the biggest open air clubs in Malta. You can find the best staff in the club who pampers you all the time. The food is exquisite and alcoholic beverages, top notch. You can also witness concerts from popular bands and clubs like Ministry of Sound etc. Don’t forget to catch a piece of live action at Gianpula!
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