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Posted by on May 28, 2014 in Beaches, Featured

5 Best Beaches in Malta

The island of Malta is widely known for its breathtaking virgin beaches and sub tropical climate. The entire archipelago is an ideal getaway for nature lovers and travelers who wish to find some solitude in the pleasant surroundings. The below list captures the best beaches located in Malta.

Top 5 Beaches in Malta

  • Paradise Bay:
    This beach is one of the most picturesque locations on the island. The entrance of the beach opens into a magnificent view of the ocean. The rock formations on the either side of the beach offer a stunning setup. It is located in the northern part of the island and is quite famous with the younger crowd. Paradise Bay is an perfect place for snorkeling, relaxing dip in the sea or a long romantic walk on the secluded sands with your loved one.
  • Golden Bay/ Ghajn Tuffieha:
    The name of the beach, when appropriately translated, is “The Apple’s Eye”. The beach is breathtaking and relatively unspoiled compared to its counterparts. This feature can be attributed to the huge crowds at the beach. The waters are bit turbulent with strong currents. The visitors are mostly adrenaline junkies, water sport enthusiasts and other adventure seekers!  Families generally shy away from the beach to a safer place for their children.
  • Mgiebah Bay/ Imgiebah:
    This beach is one in a million when it comes to stunning natural beauty. The drive to the beach is excellent with well maintained roads. Many tourists rent and car, buy a latest map of the locale and drive to the location. The drive is lined with amazing vegetation, exotic fauna and a breathtaking cliff.  The Mgiebah Bay is regarded as one of the best spots for solo adventure activities.
  • Dwejra Bay/ Dwejra:
    It is characterized as a perfect beach for an ideal beach-goer. The Dwejra Bay is located on the Gozo Island, one of the members of the Malta archipelago. Soak up in the sun away from the stifling crowds. The lagoon facilitates activities like snorkeling and diving. The heritage park and Azure Window are a must see during your trip. Dwejra is quite famous among divers for its underwater sites like The Chimney and Blue Hole!
  • Ramla Bay/ Ramla il-Hamra:
    This beach is one of the largest and most popular beaches in the island of Gozo. The English equivalent of the name is ‘Red Sands’. The rocky formations, bamboo vegetation, untouched dunes stand out as a true testament to its idyllic beauty. The water is crystal clear and you can see the bottom of the shallow trenches. It is an ideal location for families and water sport aficionados.
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